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The Seventeenth Brand China Summit Forum was held in Beijing

Date:2014-01-20 Views:0

On 18th Dec, 2013 Brand China Annual Figure Award Ceremony and the Seventeenth Brand China Summit Forum was held in Beijing under the theme as “Dream and Dignity”. Xiulian Gu, vice chairmen of the tenth NPC, the honorary president of Brand China Industry Union; Feng Ai, the president of Brand China Industry Union; Zaiqing Yuan, the Chairman of China Exhibition and Economy Research Association; Luigi Colani, the world famous designer; Jingnan Xu, the CEO of Fujian Peak Group Co.,Ltd; Hua Xia, the CEO of EVE Group have jointly launched the event.


XiuLian Gu attended the opening ceremony and gave the remarks. She said, “The just closed third plenary session of eighteenth reiterate the significance of innovation for China’s development. Innovation, driven and development are the key words for this Forum. There are 95 Chinese companies on the 2013 top 500 world class list, which is historically the large number of Chinese Company on the list. No hero to “GDP theory”, it is a new generation of the CPC central committee leadership challenge to the future economic development. Don’t blindly expand the bigger size, but to calm down and focus on technology innovation, management innovation and mode creation, only in this way can the Chinese Brand to the development of higher quality.


At the opening ceremony, Vice President of Brand China Industry Union and Vice President of National federation of Industry and Commerce jointly gave a opening remarks on behalf of organizer. China Brands have been developed so well and in a good condition, especially on the international level. These Entrepreneurs, scientists, not only on behalf of their personal achievement, but they will be converging vigorous and enthusiastic spirit, inspire more and more people continue to move forward, better practice Chinese dream, to achieve the ambitious goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


Mr Yuan made a speech during the closing ceremoney, he said, “ there is the same appeal for every Brand China Annual Figure, which is the valuation of Chinese brand people’s contribution ,seeking the best respected Annual Figure in China.