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The origin of 2012 Brand China Forum Summit on Women

Date:2013-10-25 Views:0

  The new concept of “Brand Women” has been proposed firstly at 2008 brand china forum summit on women, and which is a re-definition of China’s outstanding Women. Brand Women is different from the traditional modern women, economic women. It is the high degree unity of the individual value and value of the public is the dual embodiment of spiritual value and material value. Social value, spiritual value, innovative value and commercial value are the characteristics of Brand Women. Brand Women is the new strength of China economy and social revolution, brand women represents the new trend of China Women.

  China emerges more Brand Women, China brand women’s group rises, is the time request, but also the historical mission.


Peace, development and cooperation are the call of the time. Expect more brand women, expect china women rising, expect brand women make new contribution to china’s economic development