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The opening ceremony of 2013 Brand Woman Forum in Beijing

Date:2013-10-25 Views:0

  On 19th April, 2013 Brand China (Female) forum opened at Kunlun Hotel in Beijing, jointly organized by Brand China Industry Union and the China Women’s Development Foundation. XiuLian,Gu the vice chairman of the tenth NPC, the honorary president of Brand China Industry Union, Qingyi Huang,the Chairman of China Women’s Development Foundation , entrepreneurs, Brand Women, Brand Experts and Media have attended the activity.


  At the opening ceremony of summit forum, XiuLianGu said, 2013 Brand China (Female) summit forum under the title of “Brand Woman, Beautiful China”, is not only matching the beautiful china proposition in the eighteenth largest party, but also the show times of contribution to the China brand business of the outstanding women in all walks of life

  The concept of Beautiful China has been proposed the first time in the eighteenth largest party. Strive to build the beautiful china, realize the sustainable development of the Chinese nation, not only is realizing the ecological beauty, but also need more harmonious beauty and the beauty of human nature. Respect women, carry forward the beauty of women, provide a wider platform for the development of women, is to further perfect “beautiful china” important carrier, is the important content to spread the beauty of harmonious and the beauty of human nature .


  In the intensive, fast paced of social environment, Women are standing out from the crowd with wisdom and courage, and winning the respects and cheers from various functional platforms such as economic, cultural and political.


  Booming of Chinese brands, without brand women’s strive, more not without growing of the China female brand. Brand China (Female)summit forum not only has the most resource, but also has the best platforms, is the annual event of development of new trend for brand Women.