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Chinese culture video《Brand China》landing American Time Square

Date:2013-11-07 Views:0


  Recently, The Time Square of New York in America broadcasted Chinese culture video 《Brand China》.The aim of this move is to vigorously publicize and promote the Sixth China Brand Festival, to make more people pay attention and support the Chinese Brand, to promote the development paces of Chinese Brands in the overseas.

  The Sixth China Brand Festival as the theme “Driven and Transformation” will be held in Beijing on August 7th to 10th which is organizing by Brand China Industry Union and China and China Chamber of International Commerce jointly, with China General Chamber of Commerce supports. There will be governors, media leaders, Brand Experts and famous entrepreneurs and more than ten thousand people will attend the event.

  In the occasion of the upcoming event, 《Brand China》culture video landing the Time Square echoed the Sixth Brand China Festival activity. In previous Chinese Brand Festival there have been included CCTV "News Network", People's Daily, Guangming Daily, the Central People's Broadcasting Station, Beijing TV, Tianjin TV, China Economic Weekly, Xinmin Weekly, Southern Metropolis Daily and other mainstream media support and reported. But the Sixth Brand Festival marketing campaign extends to overseas.

  Brand China Festival was found on 8th August 2007, which has been held successfully in 5 series, and vigorously supported by plenty of well-known entrepreneurs. The Sixth Brand China Festival has to be the tremendous strength for Chinese Independent Brand progression and sustainable development.