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SiWei Cheng ,New Energy Lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Date:2013-10-31 Views:0

On 26th September, SiWei,Cheng, the honorary president of Brand China Industry Union , the remarkable economist has given a speech with the theme “new energy and green economy”in the 2013 European Economy Forum held in ShanXi. “New Energy lead the fourth industrial revolution, and China will be investing more than 500 millions Rmb” Mr Cheng said .


  Creation is the important element to ensure new energy development, which lead to the fourth revolution. Human reliance on fossil fuel,which will be threatened to the humanity’s survival and development. Therefore ,we have to develop new energy to resolve the limited resource and greenhouse problem.

  It is to be said that , this forum has been organized by the municipal government of ShanXi and so-sponsored by the International Eurasian Academy Science,ShangHe organization as well as experts and scholars from all over the world, the representative of united nation organization and related leaders involved the discussion.