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Jianming Wu:Chinese enterprises enter into European market have to operate by rules

Date:2013-10-31 Views:0

Recently, JingMing,Wu, the vice Chairman of Brand China Industry Union ,National innovation and development strategy research has participated the European Forum held in ShangHai. Mr Wu said “it is not difficult to enter into European Market. Chinese enterprises have to learn comprehensively and thoroughly about the market and operate in according to the rules.


  Although Euro is the biggest commercial trading fellow for China , Chinese enterprises only account for 2.2% of the overall European foreign investment volumes .How to help Chinese enterprises enter into European market,which is the key issue needed to be resolved. “the key is Chinese enterprise should act in accordance with the rules if they are willing to enter into the market ” he said . European market is very standardized and high barrier to entry. The company found difficult, because many times we do not understand other people’s rules. Therefore, we need to find people or agencies who understand the rules to help ourself. Chinese enterprises have to learn comprehensively and thoroughly about the market and operate in according to the rules.

  JianMin Wu, As the famous diplomat who has nine years experience in Europe, who help Chinese enterprises to understand Europe, enter Europe. The role of public diplomacy can not be ignored. I discovered the world of worries, anxiety and fear of China has never been so serious today. I have been an ambassador in Europe for nice years, and it was not that bad .Faced with this fear and diaphragms, the public diplomacy can play a significant role. For this , Mr Wu used the intellectual property case to demonstrate the role of the public diplomacy.

  The current downturn in European economy ,many people belive that Europe is in decline.Mr Wu criticized this shallow point of view.He emphasized that Europe as the birthplace of modern civilization.,With technology,brand and management advantages,which is lacking in the most Chinese enterprises. At the same time , Mr Wu also pointed out that many of the small and medium enterprises can not be ignored, they are fundamentally strong European economy.

  We previously only concern about those big companies in Europe ,ignoring the many excellent SMEs, many of us look inconspicuous small businesses, which in a certain product areas but is a global leader.there are many of such enterprises in Europe and we need to cooperate with them .