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Yong Wang attended the 12th world Chinese entrepreneur’s conference

Date:2013-10-31 Views:0

  The secretary of Brand China Industry Union, the free ride sponsor, Yong Wang has been invited to attend the 12th world Chinese entrepreneur’s conference as a VIP guest.


  At about 9;30 on 25th Sept, the 12th world Chinese Entrepreneurs conference opened in ChengDu new conference and exhibition centre. The state president JingPing,Xi sent the congratulatory message, and the Chinese people’s political consultative conference Yu attended the opening ceremony , giving the keynote speech under the theme as “grasp the development opportunities, create a better tomorrow”.

  The purpose of the world Chinese Entrepreneurs is as “it is all business, to carry forward Chinese culture”, which has been successfully held many times. It has become the world’s most scale and representative of Chinese business meeting. The forum was organized by the Chinese QiaoShang investment association, Chengdu municipal government co-host, and Chinese Government gave strong support. The theme of the forum is “grasp the development opportunity of Chinese Entrepreneurs. Let the Chinese entrepreneurs learn more about China’s economic development has made tremendous achievement, share the achievement of Chinese business development and business opportunities. For world Chinese entrepreneurs seize the new round of western development opportunity to build the playing field , to promote Chengdu, shichuan the broader, deeper participation in international division of labor .