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Warmth 2013---Free Ride for Spring Festival——public welfare activity held in Beijing

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January 30, 2013 “warmth 2013 --- Free Ride for Spring Festival Public Welfare Activity held in Beijing. The people without the return ticket can expect to take the Free Ride.


The big scene of 2013 Spring Transportation has begun. In 40 days, there were 800 million people approximately national wide completing the Spring Transportation.

This world’s largest population movement not only carries forward the Chinese New year reunion, but also a severe test on transport security capabilities. Spring Festival, is both excitement and sorrow for people who worked hard in different cities: joy is reunion with families, the worry is hard to buy return tickets.


Therefore, Pu Zhao, Lang Yong Chun, Chen Weihong, Cui, Deng Fei, Wang and other six public Figures again in Beijing launched the “Spring Festival Free Ride” large-scale public welfare action , in order to help people who were not able to buy the return ticket especially for farmers who were willing to celebrate new year with family.


The advocate of Free Ride Mr Wang said, “on the one hand a lot of people can not buy tickets, on the another hand many people driving home with empty seats, if they can go together, which will greatly ease the problem of difficulty for going home during the Spring Festival”.