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《The Free Ride 》Video Boot Ceremony held in Beijing

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September 16,2012 , Invested by Wuhan Stars Television Cultural Development Co.,Ltd, and producing by Hubei File Association , the comedy movie of “the Free Ride” is shooting in Beijing.

  The movie “Free Ride” based on a true story, Yong Wang ,the secretary of Brand China Industry Union, 2011 Davos Young Group Leader for 14 years giving Free Ride to passengers as the story material, to make a urban comedy movie by creating and processing the artistically elements. The movie is using humorous approach to interpret the stories happened on the road , with showing trust, love between people, carrying forward the LeiFeng Spirit and BeiJing Spirit .

  The warmth is flowing in the car river , make people feeling colorful and thoughtful life. A bale head ,a big Bens and a few buddies as well as some weired passensager mixed together causing some messy stories.

  The movie “Free Ride” was born; it will be vivid manifestation of spiritual civilization. The film presents vivid characters and interesting events, inadvertently convey a big theme: low carbon, environment conversation, inclusive, trust, optimistic life philosophy and a new fashion attitude towards life.

The movie “Free Ride” Executive producer, Miss Zhang Huiling said, “Mr Wang’s story will be the inspiration and soul of the movie, which laid a sold foundation of life for the movie. This movie will be the artistical works down the earth.