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Yannong Zheng:City image dissemination under new environment

Date:2013-10-31 Views:0

On 23th Sept, the international Commercial Communication and enterprise development forum has been successfully held in jingling conference centre of Nanjing international EXPO centre. The theme of the forum is enterprise dissemination of socialized media era .


  Yannong, Zheng, The executive vice chairman of brand china industry union, attended the forum and gave a speech. He thought, every city needs to build brand image and external marketing as the enterprise does

  To grasp the core concept of city marketing is good at talking story to impress others. Every city there are differences, when marketing highlight the features, performance characteristics will the most want to show up. Zheng said, the upcoming NanJing Youth Olympic Game will be the best business card for the city in next year. The core concept of NanJing is an ancient and young, it is both of Chinese traditional cultural styles and features of six dynasties ancient capital, is the youth all over the world gather in the city. So, seize the contradiction and unity of philosophy, building the attractive branding effect.

  We have learned, the international commercial communication and enterprise forum has been held the first time in Ning. The forum has been organized by the NanJing municipal government, Su with NanJing investment promotion committees and the Asia commercial communication association co-host, Scott PR firm and WorldCom Lee Media group give strong support