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YongWang:internet banking –new opportunity of the development of China Brand

Date:2013-10-25 Views:0

27th Aug 2013, YongWang,the secretary of Brand China Industry Union attended the health development of internet banking and brand molding conference. He gave a speech under the subject as “the new development opportunity of China Brand”. Mr Wang interpreted the internet banking brand from the perspective of consumers and brand researchers, why internet backing is the new opportunity for brand development? How we can seize this opportunity ?


  “Chinese traditional industry is hard to surpass in Europe and America, Yong Said, Chinese market economy is only 30years of history, Europe has two hundred years. But new technology gives new brand the possibility to excel .Such as Alibaba, Baidu, Jingdong, Sina and Tecent, which have huge impact on the world class brand. Why? As everyone is at the same starting point. Firstly, it is a large economic volume, followeing by the large user base; secondly, it is the large territory in the country. However, massive is similar to bloated. Brand can be summarized in three words, tool, experience and connection, a successful brand must be the tool for enterprise to obtain excessive profits, must be perceptive experience between customers and stakeholder, must be the stable relationship between consumers and enterprises”Mr Wang said .

  We have to pay attention on these words if we want to build our brand; the correlation between these three is the first experience, and then have a relationship, and finally to become a tool.