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2013 Brand China Annual Figures Television Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing

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The guests attending the awards ceremony included : the President of Chinese Exhibition Economy Research Association, ZaiQing Yuan , Senior Adviser to Brand China Industry Union , the world-famous designer Luigi Colani , the Vice Chairman of Brand China Industry Union Bing Feng , the Vice Chairman of Brand China Industry Union Hou Yunchun ,the Vice President of brand China Industry Union, the International Academy Lang Zhizheng , Brand China Industry Union, vice chairman , former vice chairman of the National Federation of Sun Xiaohua , executive Vice Chairman of Brand China Industry Union , the Guangdong Provincial People's Government counselor , Shenzhen Top Brand Evaluation executive Director of the Committee Wang Zhaowen , executive Vice Chairman of Brand China Industry Union , the State Council Information Office of the Secretary Renyi Nong , Brand China Industry Union executive Vice Chairman , president of the Association of Enterprises with Foreign investment, TieJun Wu, deputy secretary general of Brand China Industry Union Mo Chen, Brand China Industry Union deputy Secretary-General Lu Qing Zhang , China Automotive News editor in chief Chunlei Li , China Energy News editor in chief of the solution Jiang Cui, Zhang Zhiyong, deputy chief editor of China Business Times , vice president of Brand China Industry Union( Beijing ) Consulting Limited Haiyun Yuan , China Tourism News deputy editor Jin Qining , " excellence " magazine vice president Tao Li, Tencent Finance editor Wei Hongbo , financial editor in chief Huang Jiantao and so on.


Attachment: the reasons of recommendation for 2013 Brand China Annual Figure tope ten winners:

1.Chuan Guo: Professional Navigator

Key Words: Global Chinese Legendary Hero

He is a Chinese teenager, dream of five oceans. He opened the world’s first single eastern airline which is non-stop sailing in the history. He won so many winners in the famous international sailing campaign, and he is the first Chinese “peaceful champion”in the international sports organization.

2. XingWang Deng the world well-known biological scientist

Key Words: Contemparary of Shennong of Jack

He was born in the countryside, ultimately successful; His writings are famous but dont not indulge in glory. His invention of third generation of hybrid rick technology, provide technical guarantee for China’s future food security.

3.JiHong,Mao , the Brand Founder of Exception, YNOT

Key Words: Exceptional fashion stunning in the world

He made the exception to become “the oriental aesthetic and cultural heritage, contemporary lifestyle interpretation”of the new media. He combined the original and eastern philosophical art of living, and inserts these spirits into his own brand. He advocated the reverse thinking, focused on the positive needs, made the women’s glamour shiny in the “Exception”. In 2013, the “Exception” set off a new trend of fashion, greatly enhanced the National Clothing Confidence.

4.JingNan Xu the CEO of FuJian Peak Group co.,Ltd

Key Words: China Peak, Quality of the superstar

From “steel division apprenticeship “to create own brand; From a scooter to making a living to the brand leader in basketball equipment industry; In 2013, Peak continued to strengthen the important position in the basketball industry, enhanced the efforts to signing NBA superstars, and expanded its foreign market into Germany, New Zealand and other countries, which has set up a new benchmark for Chinese Sport Brand to the world.

5.LinXiang Wang, the director of Erdos Cashmere Products co.,Ltd

Key Words: Thank globally, warmer the world

He devoted himself into reform, acting on the revitalization of national industry; he had high aspiration, to create a national brand. He made the Erdos to become the benchmark in China textile industry, and led China into the world of cashmere products, creating the regional economic rapid growth development miracle.

6.HeYi Xu the president of BeiQi Automotive Group

Key Words: BeiQi Auto –“Cool”

He is “scissor hands” of China’s Auto industry, gathered the global innovation wisdom, quickly adjusted the direction of BeiQi; He is the “tiger” in BeiQi, pursuing acquisition of expansion, promoting and achieving the dream of BeiQi. He has proved that Chinese people can build a good car

7. WeiHong Chen, the CCTV Presenters

Key Words: Glimpse of JingHong, love backpack

In 2013, he advocated “love backpack” Public Welfare Project, to make more people to pay more attention on left-behind children’s loneliness and helplessness , let the “love backpack” with full of wishes and affections become the warmest glimpse of view in these children.

8. JianLin Wang , the President of Dalian Wanda Group co.,Ltd

Key words: Wanda Empire, Global swarmed

He is a national real estate giant, also the new owner of the film culture. His dedication to innovation, strategizing has made the Wanda the super business empire, covering with real estates, high classic hotels, cultural tourism and shopping malls

9. XiaoLong ,Zhang the vice president of Tencent Group

Key Words: WeChat believe you and I change the world

He yearned for freedom, giving up the permanent job into internet; He advocated technology, successfully developed a reputational Fox mail. In 2013, He further improved the WeChat functions, enhanced the interaction to breakthrough 600 million users, more than 100 million active daily scores again to refresh WeChat records.

10. CEO JinBo Yao, the CEO of the Five eight City Information Te