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the night of Top Grade of the Heaven--the Seventh Brand China Festival Television Aaward Ceremony

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On August 9 ,the Night of top Grade Heaven · Seventh China Brand Festival TV awards ceremony held in Beijing ,the 2013 Brand China announced Spectrum Award and Brand China Awards: Beijing Automotive Group , China energy-saving , Wanda , Furui tribute, Zhejiang TV won the " vanguard of the rapid rise of excellence " , China mobile , Haier Group, Qingdao Beer, Sany, FAW Group awarded " shook the world 's national card " , Vanke, Hainan Airlines , Fosun Group , Fen Group , step awarded " persistent exploration success model " , Geely Automobile, China Telecom , China Merchants Bank , New Hope , Wuliangye awarded " mature and stable China forces " , Geely Automobile, China Telecom , China Merchants Bank , New Hope , Wuliangye awarded " mature and stable of Chinese power, " ali Baba , Lenovo, Baidu , Sina , UF won the" lead the future of science and technology Legion " ; Peak Group won the" Award for best international reputation , " heavenly grade awarded" best brand Culture Award ", awarded Junfeng spectrum "Best health Health Award" , wonderful house wine was awarded " best Quality Award", Camry oral won the "Best Advertising Award " , genealogy Wine won the " best Product Innovation Award" long pig technology won the "Best technology Award " Wanda won the" best Quality achievement Award " , a car rental Hi won the" Best brand positioning Award ", Suzhou people won the" best Landscape architectural Design Award " auspicious Airlines won the" Best management Award . "


  Brand China Industrial Union Vice Chairman Cheng Lu , Shen Jianguo, Vice President Brand China Industrial Union , Brand China Industrial Union Vice President Yangzi Yun , Brand China Industrial Union Executive Vice President Wang Zhaowen , Brand China Industry Union Executive Vice President Renyi Nong , Brand China Industry Union Executive Vice Chairman Zheng Yannong , Brand China Industrial Union Executive Vice President Wu Tiejun , Brand China Industrial Union adviser , Chinese research Association executive vice president of the Convention and Exhibition Center Ze Yan , China tourism News editor , well-known tourism experts Shao Chun , Shanxi Fenjiu Group Co., Ltd. Deputy Party Secretary Kan Bing China , Guizhou heavenly top grade wine operations Management Ltd. Chairman Huang Yongyi , CEO Jiang Yi Chan , Heilongjiang Wandashan Wine Co., Ltd. , chairman Wang Jinghai , Vice Yuning Jiang , Fujian Peak Sport Products Co., Ltd. Chairman Jingnan Shaanxi step Pharmaceutical Group Chairman Zhao step , Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Vice President volts Weizhong , Guangdong Junfeng spectrum Co., Ltd. President Chen Xianfeng , Guizhou genealogy Wine Co., Ltd. , chairman Zhu Deping , Harbin long pig Technology Development Co. president Lv Hongwei , wonderful house wine winemaker founder total Qin Feng, Beida Jade Bird Education Group Vice President Hu Zhenyu , China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group Vice President Li Jie , deputy general manager of Yue Xiulan auspicious aviation , as well as Toyota , Sany, new hope , Tsingtao Brewery , China Merchants Bank , Beijing automotive , Zhejiang TV , Gujinggong , Sina and other corporate brands represent a total of more than 1,000 people attended the awards ceremony of the "China Dream" , Build witness Chinese brand " dreams and dignity" to discuss the rise of China's own brand groups dreams and path.


  Huang Yongyi, in his speech, said: "China is now booming , China's brand is now booming too! In the Coming decade, Chinese brand must be the first in the world, Chinese creation must be the first in the world and Chinese service will also be the top in the world!

  It is reported that by the China Chamber of International Commerce and Brand China Industry Union jointly organized by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce supports the Seventh China Brand Festival awards ceremony with "dreams and dignity" as the theme, and including International, Marketing, Wine Industry, Crisis Public Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, NGO Brand Management, Dairy, Arts and Culture, Environmental Protection, Parallel Forums, and the Fifth China brand managers Forum.