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Thousands of Famous Brands gleaned at Brand Festival with the “The Chinese Dream”

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 From 7th August to 10th August, By the China Chamber of International Commerce and Brand China Industry Union jointly organized by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce supports the Seventh China Brand Festival held in Beijing, the theme of "dreams and dignity." Eleventh CPPCC National Committee vice chairman, the famous economist Li Wuwei, Brand China Industrial Union President Ai Feng, Vice President Feng Brand China Industry Union and, Hou Yunchun, Lang Zhi Zheng, Shen Jianguo, Cheng Lu, Yang Zaiyun, Brand China Industrial Union Executive Chairman Liu Donghua brand China industry Union executive Vice President Wu Tiejun, Renyi Nong, Wangzhao Wen, Zheng Yannong, brand China Industrial Alliance Deputy Secretary-General Li Dou Gu Huanyu, Shiyan, Wu Kezhong, Zhang Lu Qing, Chen Mo, Yuansheng Yao, Lu Hongxing, and Toyota, Goldman Sachs , New Hope, Sany, Li Ning, Peak, three, Mengniu, Wanda, heavenly top grade, Gujinggong, Fen, Junfeng spectrum, the step size of more than 1,000 well-known brands such as pharmaceutical participants of words "China Dream "Build" China dream. "


  Pick Wanda and other niche brand leaders gathered to have table meeting

  Sincere and intimate communication, jointly planning and building a brand. On the Evening of August 7, the Seventh China Brand Festival VIP table meeting has held in Beijing International Hotel, Top Grade in Heaven , Pick, Wandashan Dairy, Gujing, Beida Jade Bird, Junfeng spectrum, Jimo wonderful house wine, Long pig technology, Tyurin beverages, gold River investment, Changlang real estate, Founder stone and many other famous brands gathered and discussed the development of Brand China Industry ,and explored the sustaiable of the the Chinese Independent Brands.

  This year is the Brand China Industrial Union's eighth year, during the eight years,we have been working on for SMEs to build brands services for well-known companies to create the world brand services. It is the important promoter, implementer and defender of the establishment of Chinese brand standards."National Youth Committee, Brand China Industry Union Secretary Wang said that Brand China Industrial Union after eight years of precipitation and growth, has become China's current branding activities and dissemination of the first platform.

  During the meeting, Fujian Peak Group Chairman Xu Jingnan said that the market economy is the main private economy, Brand Chinese is a civic organizations in helping companies play an important role in branding. Heilongjiang Wandashan Dairy Group Chairman Wang Jinghai also said that the activities of Brand China held, promoting and boosting the enterprises , integrating the resources to bring a lot of affiliate helpful. The secretary of Shanxi Fenjiu Group Ping Wah Kan, said Ai Feng’s charisma is impressive.Fen Jiu and Brand China have been cooperating in three years, sales increased from 3.7 billion to 10.6 billion.

  Thousands of brands showed at the opening ceremony

  “lighting dreams, defending dignity”.At 9am on August 8 , the opening ceremony of the Seventh China Brand Festival has started. From Beijing, Tianjin, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Qinghai, Gansu, Shaanxi, Tibet, Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou , Yunnan, Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangxi, Hainan, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan 34 provinces, municipalities and Brand Chinese delegations have orderly entered.


  Subsequently, Shen Jianguo pointed out in his welcome speech, in seven years, Brand China Festival has been at the forefront of Chinese brand building, the Fifth Brand China Festival "integrity and innovation" as its theme, the Sixth Brand China Festival "Transformation and driven "as the theme, the seventh to the" dreams and dignity "as its theme, is the continuation of previous sections , not only match to the current trend of China's independent brand development, but also for Chinese brands build an international exchange and cooperation platform; majority of independent brands should shoulder the "build confidence and defend the dignity" of the task, and promote China's own brand to be continual developed in the scientific , healthy and sustainable way.