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2009 Brand China Women’s Summit Forum

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  Source: Brand China Website Time: 2009-1-14

  I. General Introduction

  Brand China Women’s Summit Forum is a yearly event co-sponsored by the All-China Women's Federation and the Brand China Industry Union.

  It is by far the largest, most influential women’s summit forum in China boasting the most abundant resources. It is a platform on which honorable women and well-known women’s brands are showcased. It is an annual gathering for the women of the year who represent the new trend of development of in China.

  II. The 1st Brand China Women’s Summit Forum (2008)

  The 2008 Brand China Women’s Summit, themed “Brand Women: A New Force for Change in China”, was co-sponsored by All-China Women’s Federation and BCIU.

  It was co-organized by the Women Entrepreneurs Association in. China, the Publicity Department of All-China Women’s Federation, BCIU and Jucheng Consulting Group; As the media hosts of the summit forum, China Entrepreneur Magazine, China Business Journal, Focus Media, Air Media, and International Aviation News followed and reported the whole activity.

  The forum comprised of six sections: summit forum, brand promotion, brand exhibition, TV evening party, brand training and special program. Under the support of a number of famous women, such as Gu Xiulian, Hong Tianhui, Yang Mianmian, Dong Mingzhu, Yu Dan, Ji Yuxi, Zhang Xiaomei and Lu Qin, etc, and with the participation of over 2,000 famous women from all around China, the summit forum achieved great success.

  At the summit forum, BCIU and a group of benevolent people initiated China Women Development Foundation “Brand China -Maternal Love Fund”, which has won great attention and wide recognition.

  III. The 2nd Brand China Women’s Summit Forum (2009)

  The 2009 Brand China Women’s Summit Forum was co-sponsored by All-China Women’s Federation and BCIU, with the theme “Brand Women: Confidence, Responsibility and Future”.

  The summit forum is scheduled to be held in June 2009 in Beijing. We are planning to invite state leaders, leaders of All-China Women’s Federation, a group of famous brand women such as Zhang Haidi, Yang Mianmian, Yang Lan, Yu Dan, Ji Yuxi, Dong Mingzhu, Jin Jing, Li Xiaolin, Yang yang, Luo Xuejuan, etc. to participate and deliver speeches at the forum.

  It is expected that over 3,000 people will attend the forum, including state leaders, business leaders, brand managers, brand institutions, brand experts, media, cultural celebrities, consumers, entertainment stars, etc.

  IV. Distinctive Features

  Prominent Themes: the economic crisis, the 60th anniversary of the founding of new China, the employment of women;

  Distinguished Guests: Yang Mianmian, Yu Dan, Ji Yuxi, Zhang Haidi, Yang Lan, Jin Jing and Dong Mingzhu are invited to come;

  Large Scale: over 3,000 excellent women from all around China will attend the forum, of which business women account for 70%;

  Active Participation: questions and dialogues are welcomed at the Q&A session of the forum;

  Various Activities: forum, brand evaluation, brand expo, TV evening party, etc.

  Wide Publicity: 300 Chinese mainstream media will follow the whole activity, with over 3o million advertising investment;

  V. Organizing Committee of the Summit Forum

  Sponsor: All-China Women’s Federation; Brand China Industry Union

  Co-Sponsor: Women Entrepreneurs Association in. China

  Undertaker: Publicity Department of All-China Women’s Federation; Brand China Industry Union (Beijing) Consulting Co. Ltd.

  Strategic Partner: China Entrepreneur Club; Brand China Council; China Brand Manager Association;

  Media Sponsor: China Women’s News; China Entrepreneur; Famous Brand Times; Air Media; Focus Media; China Times; Hachette China; China Business Journal;;

  Academic Support: Peking University School of National Development; Brand China R&D Center

  Official Website:

  The Only Assigned News Website: (financial channel and female channel)

  The Only Assigned Air Newspaper: International Aviation News;

  The Assigned Video Media: Baidu TV; AdChina.Com;

  SMS Platform:

  Strategic Cooperation Media: Over 37 media, including Business Times, Contemporary Manager, Sales and Management, China United Business Newspaper, Hebei Satellite TV, Beijing Youth Weekly, Global Financial Times, Scientific Innovation and Brand,, etc.

  Supporting Media: Over 46 supporting media, including Hunan Satellite TV, Travel Satellite TV, Guangxi Satellite TV, Macao Lotus Satellite TV, Fashion, Family, Guangming Daily, Science and Technology Daily, China Youth Daily, The Economic Observer Newspaper, The Beijing News, Beijing Entertainment Messenger, Shopping Guide, China Intellectual Property News, China Quality Daily, International Business Daily, etc.