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The 4th Brand China Festival Curtain Fell in Beijing

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  The 4th Brand China Festival which were co-hosted by CCPIT and BCIU have been successfully held in The Great Hall of the People and Beijing Jingxi Hotel, with the topic of “Return and transcend”, during the period between 7th – 12th August. More than 6,000 attendants including entrepreneurs, brand managers, experts, journalists and youth start-ups had participated a series of activities.


  The 4th Brand China Festival

  The grand opening ceremony of the festival commenced in The Great Hall of the People at the afternoon of 7th August. Chen Changzhi, the vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and the chairman of the China Democratic National Construction Association, presented an important speech and the open of the festival. He mentioned that “Brand is fundamental for the sustainable development of enterprises and the symbol of the comprehensive economic strength of our country, which has been taking a huge attention from the Party and government. With the rapid development of the Chinese economy following the steps of China’s reform and open policy, the Chinese companies have gradually adopted the importance of brand construction and branding strategies, in order to achieve the leap from ‘Made in China’ to ‘Designed in China’, and amazingly some Chinese companies has started their ways to be internationalized. Developing self-owned brand is the necessity of global economic integration, the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the construction of harmonious socialist society”.

  The China Top 25 model enterprises had been awarded on the opening ceremony, including such internationally recognized national icons like Geely, China Mobile, Lining, Hair and Lenovo; such fast growing outstanding pioneers like Sina, Aigo, Alibaba, Baidu and Tecent; such successful models who keep exploring as Taikang, Youngor, Wanda Group, Beijing Capital Group and China Merchants Bank; such exceptional industry leaders as New Hope Group, New Oriental, Vanke, Hunan TV and Mengniu; and also such solid –performed Chinese national icons like The Shaolin Monastery, Quanjude, Shanxi Fenjiu Group, Tsingtao Beer and Tongrentang. And there were brand delegation parades, China self-owned brand oath taking ceremony, the book titled Brand Revolution launch ceremony and the opening ceremony for Brand China program on Tianjin TV during the opening celebration.

  One of the most important events during the brand festival is The 10th BCIU Summit which was held in Beijing Jingxi Hotel on 8th August, with topics including “Return to Brand: Market Opportunity vs Brand Value”, “Return to Responsibility: Public Relation after The Risk Management Strategy”, “Return to Development: The Apocalypse of Regional Brands”, “Beyond Development: Exploring Opportunities for Brands in Chinese Market” and “Beyond Brand: New Communication Channels for Brands” which were all discussed the in the speeches and presentations related to the insightful analysis covering different levels of branding like national brand, regional brand and corporational brand. It aimed to discover the new ways for Chinese brands under the new situation and the new economic development of the new century, to plan a prospective landscape and discuss what need to return and transcend for Chinese brands. Sun Xiaohua, the vice chairman of Brand China, the vice president of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, citied in his presentation that “the troubles, mistakes and loses that the Chinese brands have ever experienced during the procedure of internationalization are far more than expectation and still fresh in mind. However, that is the necessity for brands. Similar to human beings, the growth pain is unavoidable for brands, and the self-improvement corresponded to the self-revisions different stages are also compulsory process. They would be accomplished by the continuous efforts from companies while companies showing brands’ attractiveness externally.”

  “Return and transcend” TV show have been successfully presented in the stadium of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics at August 8th evening, with the internationally famed director Guan Jinpeng, actress Zhao Yazhi, and well-known singers such as Liu Yuanyuan and Fan Yichen attending. The theme “Return and Transcend” has been presented by the combination of performances and videos covering the whole history of development of Chinese brands in different aspects including the development of companies, the biography of achievers and the construction of brands. The show was played in 4 chapters, “Memories”, “Move”, “Glorious and Dreams” and “Return and Transcend”. The 1st chapter “Memories” told the story of the development of Chinese economy, enterprises and brands within a century, and highlighted the enormous changes brought by the new China and the reform and open policy to the Chinese self-owned brands. “Move” showed the rapid development of Chinese economy and the rise of Chinese self-owned brands. “Glorious and Dreams” drew a future that moves China from an economic power to a nation with self-designed brands. Chapter 4 “Return and Transcend” presented the key role of brand in the process of a nation’s economic development, and pointed out the great mission on shoulder of the brand – “Brand wins China more respect”. “2010 Top 10 City Brand” were also awarded to 10 cities including Hangzhou, Qingdao, Quanzhou, Changchun, Wenzhou, Shenzhen, Dalian, Binhai in Tianjin, Changsha and Wuxi, on the show.

  Gu Xiulian, The 10th vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Ai Feng, the chairman of BCIU, Yu Ping, the vice-chairman of CCPIT, Huang Qingyi, the deputy director of the committee for social and legal affairs in CPPCC, Hou Yunchun, the deputy director of the Development Research Center under the State Council, Chen Xiurong, the vice-chairman of ACWF, Zhang Jianting, the deputy mayor of Hangzhou, Zheng Wenzhi, the deputy mayor of Changchun, and Wu Tiejun, the assistant of the mayor of Qingdao have attended the events, as well as entrepreneurs such as Liu Yonghao, Li Shufu, Yu Minhong, Chendongsheng, Li Qiuxi, Jiang Junxian, Li Xiaolin, Fengjun, Ye Ying, Yan Xu and Ge Yanhua, and vice-chancellors of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Hainan University, China University of Mining and Technology, China University of Political Science and Law, Dalian University of Foreign Languages, Handan College and Beijing Geely University.

  Meanwhile, sub-forums covering fashion, county tourism, internet, Intelligence Property, solar power, heating and ventilation and university industries were held as well. The production of “Brand China” program about “Talk to The Heads of Universities” and “Talk to Davos” were also accomplished during the festival period. The 2010 Annual Conference of BCIU Boards of Directors, 2010 Annual Conference of The Committee of Chinese Brand Managers, Brand China Experts Lectures, The Chinese Brands Fair for Investment, Innovative Brand Tour in Zhong Guancun, and BCIU Jinpu Award ceremony were also on stage during this period, as well as the release of BCIU China Top 1000.

  Currently, Brand China Festival is the annual fest in the highest level, the largest scale and with the most influence. It is the Olympic Games for self-owned brands to show their brand images and powers, and has been highlighted by the mainstream media including CCTV, BTV, TJTV, SDTV, OTV, the Xinhua News Agency,, China News Network,,,,,,, The People’s Daily, Guangming Daily, China Daily and Science and Technology Daily