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The Brand China Business Council

Date:2013-11-01 Views:0

  The Business Council launched by Brand China Industry Union and completed business registration in accordance with the law in the HongKong specialized region, is also the branch of the Brand China investment holding company. The Council is consisting of the most influential brand enterprises, is the sole NGO promoting development of Chinese Brand from the corporation level. The Business Council exclusive entrust the Brand China Consulting co.,Ltd is responsible for the daily operations .At the ceremony of the Second Brand China Festival in Beijing National Sports Centre on 1st Oct,2008 , SiWei,Cheng, the Tenth National People’s Congress ,awarded the Branding board for the Business Council.

  The Business Council is the high-end enterprise association of the Brand China Industry Union specializing in service and unity branding enterprises, is also the clients concentration camp. The Business Council is committed to build communication platform for outstanding enterprises, improve enterprise branding management level, enhance the core competitiveness of the brand, and provide advice, promotion, training and brand analysis, media relationship maintenance, brand image, brand positioning and public crisis to the members of the Council.

  In the future, the Business Council will be held regularly Member visits, Conference, High-End interview, Cocktail Party, Brand Salon, Golf, Mountain Climbing Activities and Yach for entrepreneur level to carry out social activities.

  To feel the strength of the brand, share the sunshine of the brand, these will be the spirit home for the brand entrepreneurs.