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The Brand China Manager Association

Date:2013-10-30 Views:0

  The Chinese Brand Manager Association is subordinate to Brand China Industry Union Investment Holding co.,Ltd, and completing the commercial registration in HongKong on 1st Oct,2008. The Association is instructed by the Brand China Industry Union and providing the social activities of communication, research, training and brand salon. Brand China (Beijing) Consulting co.,Ltd is responsible for the daily operations.

  The Association aims to integrate resources, responsible for a well-known enterprises brand president, general manager, director, manager, build a mutual understanding, communication circles of providing social circle. The major tasks are promoting and supporting Brand Manager to improve theoretical skill, organizing brand knowledge study activities, exchange learning experience and expand the Brand Manager team.

  Brand China Industry Union has become the first platform of brand activities and spreading in China with the joint efforts of the relevant member of the union. The Union is committed to services of creating famous brands to small and medium enterprises and building international brands for famous enterprises. It is the important promoter, implemetor and defender of the establishment of Chinese Brand Standards, the prolocutor of self-owned brands and the important platform of communication and cooperation about brands between China and foreign countries.

  The union will shoulder the historical mission of revitalizing Chinese self-owned brands, work closely with the different circles, take creating new images of brand china and building a new pattern of the brand world as the objective and turn the great dream of brands, make China more respected into a wonderful reality.