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Brief Introduction of Brand China Industry Union (BCIU)

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  On December 18th, 2005, China's first organization which dedicated to advancing the "Chinese industry brand, brand of Chinese industrialization" activity and academic organization——Brand China Industry Union was established in Beijing, the Great Hall of the people. The vice Chairman of 9th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference(CPPCC), Wang Wenyuan present the flag for the union.

  Since the union was established, it has been work around "an idea", study of "two model", solidify "three major activities, "carry out" four business", integrate of "five resources", in order to build China's first brand activities and communication platform!

  One concept, mean with the concept of "brand, let China more respected!", build a spiritual home for Chinese brand leaders, and to be the independent brand spokesman.

  Two model, means study the international Olympic committee and Davos Forum, become a global brand field of the most influential one of civil institutions.

  Three major activities, that is, do good on Brand China (female) Peak Forum, China Brand Festival, and Brand China People of the year.

  Four business, means carry on brand research, brand activities, brand spread, brand consulting. We will offer the high quality professional service for Chinese brand.

  Five resources, means integrate five core resources: government, enterprise, expert, media and brand manager, to set up Brand China Council, Brand China Managers Association, Brand China Expert Service Center. And with the domestic top brand consultancy and brand expert resources, union is also touch in hand with Preipo Capital, push off an "brand + capital" innovation service pattern, to offer the brand consulting and financing on depth brand service for the most potential independent brand.

  On research, union has been actively take part in the construct of brand law and industry standard, published Chinese Brand memorabilia monthly for consecutive five years, and this has become the weathercock of Chinese brand. Moreover, union also released in some research report, such as Brand China 1980-2007, Beijing Olympics and Brand China Research Report,30 years of Reform and Opening-up to the Chinese Brand Development Report, Brand China's Top 1000, undertake or drafted many issue and important documents such as the Zhongguancun brand long-term development research, The proposal of ministry of commerce on brand construction work, guidance about the central enterprises to strengthen the brand construction, the central enterprise brand management evaluation system and Chinese liquor brand in the core area of Golden Triangle planning.

  The union successfully hosted 6 session of Brand China (female) Peak Forum,6 session of China Brand Festival,7 session of Brand China People of the year, 7 session of the general Comment of brand China,15 session of Brand China Peak Forum and many large activities, like Regional/Industry Peak Forum and Monthly Salon. The union also organized many activities such as Chinese Automobile Independent Brand Miles, the Brand China National Tour Brand Speak, Brand China Asia Miles, and visit to the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, British and Italy. The union especially set up the Brand China university tour. Accumulated carry out speech of nearly 600 field in the well-known colleges and universities, government agencies, industry associations, brand enterprises.

  Union owns China's one of the most influential brand web portal——Brand China network, Tianjin television Brand China columns, Brand China weekly, Brand China electronic weekly, Brand China series, develop a mobile phone customer terminal. And also form media alliance with more than 500 mainstream media, including People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency,central television of China in order to provides all directions and multi-level communication service for the Chinese brand.

  In 2013, in order to provide a first-class communication and display platform for Domestic brand, the Brand China Industry Union with corporate with Xinming Group, to build Brand China Expo in Shanghai.

  In this 8 years, the development of the union get many state leaders' care, including vice chairman of National People's Congress Standing Committee: Cheng Siwei, Gu Xiulian, Xu Jialu, Peng Peiyun, Chen Changzhi, Hua Jianmin. The vice chairman of The National Political Consultative Committee: Li Wuwei, Bai Lichen, Sun Fuling, Chen Zongxing, Zhang Rongming.

  The union also received the support of many government, such as Ministry of Commerce, SASAC(State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission),SAIC (the State Administration of Industry and Commerce) ,China Council for the Promotion of Trade, China Chamber of International Commerce,China General Chamber of Commerce, All-China Youth Federation, the All-China Women's Federation, all-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, people's organization,the government of Qinghai province, Shandong province, Qingdao city, zhongguancun management committee, DongCheng District of Beijing, Nanping city, Taian city, Sanya city,Luzhou city, Taizhou city, Quanzhou city and Wenzhou city.

  In social welfare, the Union launched the " free ride" activities have become influential domestic public brand, and it has play an important role in promotion of energy saving and environmental protection, reduce the traffic pressure, profound promoting mutual trust. "

  Spring Festival home free ride" public interest action get praise by the government and the community .

  There are 500 staff, the 7 overseas offices,23 workstations and professional committee,300 college students brand club in our union. And the union is the largest and the most influential brand agency in folk till now.

  The union will adhere to service for independent brand construction, work with all sectors of the society, in order to work for the realization of the "brand, let China more respected".