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Introduction to Four Major Events of Brand Union

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  1. General Information

  The Brand Union (Beijing) Consulting Co., Ltd. (Brand Union), founded in 1996, is a platform established for linking and promoting China Brand and “Energizing China Brand”. It was listed in the New OTC Market in August 2016 (stock code 837940). Since its inception, the Brand Union has received the care and support of more than 20 national leaders and foreign political figures.

As one of the earliest companies to build a platform for conducting brand activities in China, the Brand Union has successively initiated five domestically well-known and influential major brand events such as China Brand Festival, THE ANNUAL INFLUENTIAL BRANDER, BRAND WOMAN SUMMIT, and THE SESSIONS NEEQ SUMMIT, which gathered varieties of resources including government, associations, brand founders, scientists, experts and scholars, celebrities in the fields of literature, art and sports, media people, professional managers, etc., providing them with the services of brand linking and promotion.

Based on its four-stage funnel business model composed of brand big data, brand event, brand education and brand consulting, Brand Union supplies Chinese brands with multi-level brand services from brand data query, diagnosis and evaluation to brand recognition, industry exchange, policy interpretation, resource integration, capital docking, and BMBA training, brand top-level design and public relation activities for personalized brand advertising, digital marketing, etc. Every year, the events organized by Brand Union attracted more than 5,000 entrepreneurs and elites from all walks of life to participate in.

In order to better serve the brands, the Brand Union has established a four-level service system of advisory committee, Brand Union think tank, professional core team and extension service team, energizing, linking and promoting Chinese brands values with its powerful advantages in resource. The top positions of Brand Union are taken by Chinese celebrities, for example, the Honorary Chairman of the Advisory Board of Brand Union by Mrs. Gu Xiulian, the vice chairman of the standing committee of 10th National People's Congress and the director of China Cares for the Next Generation Working Committee; the Chairman of the Global Advisory Committee of Brand Union by Mr. Kevin Rudd, 26th Prime Minister of Australia; the Chairman of Think Tank of Brand Union by Mr. Ai Feng, Father of Chinese Brand, and the Chief Economist of Brand Union by Mr. Liu Jipeng, a famous economist.

  Brand Union has provided over one hundreds of famous brands such as Easyhome, Geely, Haier, Fen Liquor, Hanergy, etc. with brand services, and the State’s organs such as SASAC, Ministry of Commerce, and the relevant government departments in such areas as Sichuan Province, Guiyang City, Qingdao City, Beijing Zhongguancun, etc. with brand consulting services.

In addition, paying attention to integrating mainstream media resources in the industry, the Brand Union has reached long-term strategic partnerships with domestic well-known media such as CCTV, Focus Media, Air Media, Lemu media, Toutiao, Phoenix Metropolis Media, Coolway - Led, etc.

  As a firm promoter and participant in Chinese brand industry, the Brand Union is making unremitting efforts to energize Chinese brands by sticking to its value of “Customer First, Simple and Efficient, Open and Cooperative, Honest and Credible”.

  Four events:

  1. THE SESSIONS NEEQ SUMMIT (Late March each year)

  2. BRAND WOMAN SUMMIT (Late May each year)

  3. CHINA BRAND FESTIVAL (Opening on August 8 each year)


  2. Introduction to the four major events

  1). Introduction of the THE SESSIONS NEEQ SUMMIT

Introduction of the event:

The Sharks Collection · SESSIONS NEEQ BRAND UNION is a unincorporated association initiated by the Brand Union (Beijing) Consulting Co., Ltd., and co-sponsored by the New OTC Market enterprises, brand institutions, investment institutions, securities traders, intermediaries, entrepreneurs, brand experts, economists, media leaders, etc.

  The Brand Union will play an active role in promoting the branding and promotion of the brands of New OTC Market enterprises which completed or will complete listing, entering strategic upgrading period of brands, and help New OTC Market enterprises to break the limitation of regions and industries, strengthen communication and cooperation in the aspects of management, financing, marketing, brand, etc., sharpen the competitiveness of New OTC Market enterprises, and finally promote the rise of them as a whole. The Sharks Collection · SESSIONS NEEQ BRAND UNION aims to use the THE SESSIONS NEEQ SUMMIT to help the New OTC Market enterprises work out periodical plan and road show opportunities for financing, and attracting attention of capital market while enhancing the value of enterprises’ brands.

  THE SESSIONS NEEQ SUMMIT, held in March each year, is themed on “Looking for Shark Seedling” which will be weighed with such hard indicators as brand strategy awareness, brand products, and brand talents, etc., and will become a touchstone for testing the potential of New OTC Market enterprises in capital market, and further assisting them to tap their kinetic energy in capital market, fill up the brand blank in capital market, and increase their brand values.

  Each summit gathered lots of New OTC Market enterprises, brand institutions, investment institutions, securities traders, intermediaries, entrepreneurs, brand experts, economists, media leaders, etc. from all over the country. The summit contents cover multiple blocks such as policy interpretation, macroeconomic trend analysis, list release, project road show, corporate governance, resource integration, etc. At the summit, “Gold Shark Awards” are set for commending the New OTC Market enterprises and institutions with outstanding performances.

  2). Introduction to the BRAND WOMAN SUMMIT

Introduction of the event:

  The BRAND WOMAN SUMMIT is, created by Brand Union in 2008, a platform for demonstrating dual values of brand women and women brands. Successfully holding 11 summits so far, it has become an influential annual woman event leading the development trend of Chinese women in brand field, featuring high standard, big scale and rich resources. It, setting brand women as example and focusing on talking points of women, well reflects the personality charm and wonderful verve of Chinese women in new era, and conveys the soft vitality of women in life and career.

Numerous female national leaders, well-known female entrepreneurs, female cultural scholars, female entertainment celebrities such as Gu Xiulian, the vice chairman of the standing committee of 10th National People's Congress, Huang Qingyi, the Central Committee Member of the CPC, the Vice-director of the CPPCC National Committee on Social and Legal Affairs, Yang Mianmian, the President of Haier Group, Yang Lan, Chairman of the Board of Sunshine Culture Foundation, Wang Fengying, President of Great Wall Motors, Luqiu Luwei, famous journalist of Phoenix Satellite Television, Ni Ping, Hostess of CCTV, Gong Linna, famous singer, Du Juan, Chairman of the Decision-making Committee of Gome Holding Group were present at various events.

  3). Introduction of the CHINA BRAND FESTIVAL

Introduction of the event:

  The China Brand Festival (CBF) is a regular annual brand event privately held touring major brand cities of China and falling on August 8 each year. On the first China brand awards ceremony held in the golden hall of the Great Hall of People on August 8 2006, such elites as Ai Feng, Father of Chinese Brand, famous media person Liu Donghua, young brand scholar Wang Yong co-sponsored the China Brand Festival, which was highly recognized by Gu Xiulian, then the vice chairman of the standing committee of National People's Congress, and was warmly responded by over 1,000 attendant entrepreneurs.

The China Brand Festival is a high-end platform for government leaders, brand owners, brand experts, brand managers and media people to explore the rise of Chinese brand groups, as well as a top annual summit for exploring and recognizing brand examples, communicating and exchanging brand ideas, condensing brand spirit and fully demonstrating brand founders and city brand personality. Since the first China Brand Festival held in Beijing on August 8 2007, the event are successively held in such cities as Beijing, Qingdao, Guiyang, Dalian, Chengdu, etc. There are altogether 12 such events held so far. It has built itself into a high-end brand platform with high standards, big scale, and influence in China’s brand field. On the platform, exchange, interaction and resources integration are well conducted centralizing on exploring the development trend of Chinese brands.

The well-known the Party and the State leaders participated in the event are Chen Changzhi, Xu Jialu, Gu Xiulian, Wang Wenyuan, Bai Lichen, Cheng Siwei etc., and the famous entrepreneurs attended the event are Zhang Ruimin, Liu Chuanzhi, Wang Jianlin, Li Shufu, Wang Chuanfu, Li Kaifu, Yu Minhong, Xu Jinghong, Xu Jingnan, Xu Heyi, Li Qiuxi, Li Fucheng, Liu Yonghao, Xiang Wenbo, Chen Dongsheng, etc.


Introduction of the event:

THE ANNUAL INFLUENTIAL BRANDER, holding in December each year, is the most influential year-end personal brand event in China. Since its establishment in 2006, the brand annual event summit series are held for the purpose of sticking to mine and recognize brand figures, encourage and promote annual emerging persons, focus on two core competitiveness of “Brand” and “Figure” so as to discover the figures who won honor for China in the year. Currently, the events have become an important platform for discovering and introducing outstanding figures that made great contribution to China’s brand business.

  Themed on “Who wins respect for China?” and focused on four big core elements of brand concept, annual esteem, character identification and outstanding contribution, the events not only recognized the annual brand figures who “drew the blueprint for brand dream with deep love for China, created global layout of brands with national wisdom”, but also fueled the establishment of individual brand standards, as well as created the annual brand figure prize with the highest authority.

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, the Organizing Committee of the INFLUENTIAL BRANDER SUMMIT launched a special event -- choose through public appraisal 40 Persons Representing Chinese Bands in 40 Years, aiming at commending INFLUENTIAL BRANDERs appeared in Chinese history since the reform and opening up, and paying tribute to these brave pioneers for their outstanding efforts made to the remarkable development of China’s brand business. As a result, 40 INFLUENTIAL BRANDERs such as Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Wang Huiyao, Zhang Jinlai (Liu Xiao Ling Tong), Ai Feng, Liu Xiaoqing, Jiang Peizhen, Yang Lan, Sha Zukang, Chen Weihong, Lin Yifu, Lang Ping, Xu Jinghong, etc. were selected into the list of 40 Persons Representing Chinese Bands in 40 Years.