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Wang Yong: Secretary General of BCIU

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Secretary General ofBCIU: Wang Yong
Wang Yong, secretary general of BCIU, was born in May 1974 in Shaoyang, Hunanprovince. He is a member of All-China Youth Federation and Vice Chairman ofHunan Youth Federation. Graduated from the Art Department of Hengyang NormalCollege in September 1995; he became a teacher from September 1995 to February1996. He got a MBA degree after participating in the BiMBA program of PekingUniversity from 2003 and 2005. He was nominated as one of the “Ten OutstandingYoung People in Beijing” and won the “Capital Contribution Prize for YoungEntrepreneurs”.

In March 1996, he came to Beijing and started his own business, establishing firstthe Beijing Chuxing Art Design Company, then the Beijing Chuxing TimesInternational Advertising Co. Ltd. In 2003, he set up the Chuxing InternationalGroup and became the Chairman of the Board and the President of Chuxing. At theend of 2005, he initiated the Brand China Industry Union (BCIU), becoming thesecretary general of BCIU and the CEO of its website (

He has compiled 11 books, including “The Mission of Entrepreneurs” and “ThePower of Respect” and has been invited many times to deliver speeches atimportant international conferences and forums. He has been interviewed by adozen of mainstream media including CCTV, Beijing TV,,,etc. He actively advocates and practices “car pooling”. Since 2005, he has beendetermined to promoting Chinese brands and facilitating the exchanges betweenChinese and foreign brands, with Juan Antonio Samaranch and Dr. Klaus Schwab asrole models.

Other titles:
Member of the National Economic and Social Council of CPPCC;
Permanent Member of China Young Entrepreneur Association;
Member of the Chinese Association of Young Scientists and Technicians;
Member of China Association for Quality;
Honorary Director and Guest Professor of the Art Department of Hunan HengyangNormal College;
Vice Director of Beijing College Graduate Employment Promotion Association;
Member of Beijing Youth Association;