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Ai Feng: The Chairman of BCIU

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Ai Feng, the chairman of BCIU, was born in April 1938 in Yutian, Hebei Province. He is the former Editor-in-Chief of Economic Daily, a senior reporter, professor of Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Renmin University of China, Communication University of China, Capital University of Economics and Business, etc., and the consultant of the School of Journalism, Tsinghua Unviersity. He is one of the early advocates of brand strategy, a recognized expert in brand theory and a renowned economist.
He used to be the director of the organizing committee of China Ten-Thousand-Mile Tour of Quality Promotion and the director of the Protection Organization of Famous Trademark—the first brand organization in China. He organized national brand conference and brand strategy seminar consecutively from 1992 to 1995. He is the first one in China to put forward the definition of “famous brand strategy” and elaborate the meaning of it comprehensively. He believes that “famous brand strategy” should be distinguished at three levels according to China’s situation, namely national, regional and corporation levels. Accordingly, he has put forward the “Proposal on Brand Promotion at National Level”, “Proposal on Brand Promotion at Regional Level” and the “Proposal on Brand Promotion at Corporation Level”, promoting Chinese brand both in theory and practice.

Other titles:
Vice-President of China Enterprise Confederation, China Federation of Industrial Economics, China Association for Quality, China Media Culture Promotion Association;
Vice-Director of China Top Brand Strategy Promotion Committee; Director of Scientific Innovation and Famous Brand Cultivation Committee under China Federation of Industrial Economics;
Director of Organizing Committee of China Enterprise Management Training Promotion (CEMTP);